Flush your baby’s poo!

japanese recycling 1
Extensive recycling instructions in Japan
I dare to say I’m quite a recycle ‘pro’ back in Belgium. I rock the blue, white and red bag, separate dirty from clean paper, rinse glass bottles before taking them to the glass container and even collect the caps of bottles for the guide dogs (take a look at this great project).
But…. Japanese recycle to the next level. A level we have not completely achieved yet. Consequently, after these few days we are behind on our recycling and there is some  temporary unassigned waste piled up on our kitchen sink.
We are the proud owners of 6 garbage bins and the same numbers of trash bags, as well as of extended instruction sheets.
Some of the rather disturbing discoveries up till now: “drain the excess water from food leftovers” and “flush dirt from disposable diaper down the toilet”. O-oh!

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