Nippon in tears

We ended up in the lion’s den; two little Belgians amongst 90 Japanese. What an emotional rollercoaster it was! The first half was characterised by Japanese cheering when a goal was avoided (a bit strange, as Belgians usually go ‘oooeeeehhhh’, not ‘yeaaay!’). Slightly overconfident, we got silenced by the two successive goals early in the second half. The Japanese gained confidence, but soon the game ended in a desperate disappointment. We got silenced again… there is nothing heroic in exhibiting euphoria when surrounded by grieving samurai. Despite of being defeated, many of them came to congratulate us: “Good game, from now on we will cheer for Belgium’ and wanted to take our picture. They really do earn the fair play title. (Have you seen the pics that are going viral of the Japanese supporters cleaning the stands after the defeat). Not only that: they regained some of the honour they had lost in the Poland game: they should be proud for giving us a big scare! The Red Devils made an amazing comeback. This fighting spirit is very promising for our next match against Brazil. And again this will be an emotional encounter: I consider myself to be half Brazilian after having spent a memorable year with the lovely Barros Lima family when I was seventeen ❤

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