Disaster continues: heat wave takes its toll

After the heavy rains earlier this month, causing floods and landslides, now a heat wave plagues Japan. According to Japan News the death toll has risen to over 30 and over 10.000 have been taken to hospitals. On Wednesday temperatures up to 40.7 degrees were measured, breaking all records since record-keeping began. These unseen temperatures have  made it even more difficult for disaster victims and rescue workers in flood-hit towns, because water supply can’t be restored.

As for us: we almost melted on our Kyoto trip last weekend. Kyoto attained the highest temperatures in the country. We pittied the construction workers challenged by the extreme heat. ‘Luckily’ they had jackets with built-in fans. We are hiding from the heat and taking refuge in air-conditioned rooms. So if anyone asks us why we haven’t ridden our bikes yet, this is why!

built-in fan jacket
Luckily construction workers make use of jackets with built-in fans. Still we do not envy them!


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