Locked-in by Jebi

IMG_1035Typhoon Jebi (categorised as very strong) reached Japan today. Daycare was closed, Japanese class and other activities were cancelled, Stan’s boss recommended to take the afternoon off (but he didn’t), trains were cancelled and so on. To go short: we were locked-in for the day. Luckily we only had to endure strong winds and heavy rains.

About 100km to the west, Kyoto, Osaka and Kobe were hit hard. Once again in a short period of time (remember the flooding and the heat wave?), Japan is hit with disaster.

Noises all over today: the typhoon siren, police cars, the wind whistling. Half an hour ago an alarm on our phones went off to draw our attention to a governmental warning of landslides near us…. Currently there is a thunderstorm spectacle going on.

What a commotion!  Belgian media contacted us, but our area was safe (so no minute of fame on radio or tv:)). The upside is that we also got contacted by many of our friends and family and it was nice to hear from them.

Governmental warning on our phones. A little scary, also because it took some minutes to translate it 🙂




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