Noodle slides, beers and rugby

A little behind on weekend  posts, so here we go:

Last Saturday we took it easy (Friday we partied;-)), but on Sunday we went to Korankei. It’s a beautiful valley in Toyota where people gather to barbecue and seek refreshment in the water. It was still very hot so we bathed in the river and had noodles from a bamboo slide for lunch.

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Returning from Korankei, we passed near a karting circuit and of course the boys went for a ride on the track.


On the next Friday we welcomed Lisa to our home. Her parents were off to climb Mount Fuji. The next day we went barbecuing with colleagues. Stan took lots of Belgium trappist beers for them to enjoy. Some of them might have enjoyed them a little too much :-). (The alcohol percentage is high and the bottles were emptied really quickly). The location was great and so were the people!

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After that we went to a rugby game in the Toyota Stadium. Next year this prefecture will be hosting the World Cup Rugby and I guess they want to promote it. Unfortunately they lost big time.

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At night we both bought running shoes. Shops are open untill 8PM (or later), even on Sundays. We’ll probably miss this convenience when we go back home.

On Sunday we were invited to a friend’s house for lunch. I’ve always been curious to know how the Japanese live, eat, receive guests, interact… so I was very happy with this invitation. We made sure we brought enough gifts. The Belgian beers -again- were a big success!

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After catching up with our families back home, we went for a run in our new shoes; the perfect ending of a lovely weekend!



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