Never too young…

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… to go to a baseball game! Baseball is big in Japan – it’s considered the national sport – so we had to see at least one game while here. Nagoya Dragons were up against Osaka. Without knowing we had chosen a very special game, as it was the last game of two Dragon-players. It got really emotional, with lots of Japanese crying their eyes out during the goodbye speeches. The 40+woman that sat next to us wore a jacket of her favourite player covered in hearts and had a towel to wipe her tears.  But who drew the most attention was again our little blond haired, blue eyed ‘kawai’ kid. He got an initiation in the art of cheering and chanting by a true Dragon-fan. It was a fun experience for all of us and the 3,5 (!) hours flew by.

P.S. Nagoya lost big time, but that’s just a detail 🙂


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