Does Marie Kondo spark joy in Japan?


I can’t be living in Japan and not write about Marie Kondo. I even started a free Netflix trial to see what she is all about. Ok you got me, that was not the only reason ;-). For those who haven’t heard about her yet: she is the new tidying guru, very small in size, but big in entrepreneurship.

Kondo is the author of the bestseller ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidy Up’  and since the new year she has a series on Netflix. For what my opinion is worth: I’ve seen only one episode of ‘Tidying up with Marie Kondo’ and the format seems a little old to me: declutter people’s homes and minds along the way, it’s not the first time we see this. I couldn’t help but finding her a caricature when she exclaimed: ‘I love mess’ or when she needed a moment to greet the house or thank the clothes that were about to be thrown away. This exaggeration is no coincidence and is no doubt key to her (American) success. Let’s not forget she specifically chose to reorganise American homes in an English spoken show. This of course evokes a bigger contrast with the Japanese lifestyle, concepts and values she (supposedly) stands for.

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