TOKYO/東京 /とうきょう (1)


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A million pictures I’d already seen of this magical city. Now it was time to see it for myself. I spent a lot of time reading in order to organise the ‘perfect’ weekend trip. A babysitting opportunity popped up, so it was just the two of us (for the first time since he was born, about time!). A bit emotional, but it also opened doors to:

  • watching an act of traditional Kabuki theatre
  • karting the streets of Asakusa in Super Mario outfits
  • discovering the Shinjuku nightlife in Golden Gai’s tiny bars
  • Entering a maiden bar (and getting out quickly, nothing to see there!)
  • walking around the city for hours (without diaper changes, feeding pauzes, naps,…) looking for the best city views and amazing architectural buildings
  • having a seven-course birthday dinner at the amazing Craftale
  • visiting Intermediateque (great discovery by the way) and the Tokyo National Museum without having to entertain a kid



Ok, everybody that knows my birthday realises this is a post about last month. One month later I came back for three more days with the little one to discover how child-friendly the city really is. To be continued!